CLOSING OF THE FESTIVAL. Dance retro project „Nostalgiada“
Chor. Karel Vaněk / Tanzwerke Vanek and Preuss (DE, CZ)

Directed by: Karel Vaněk
Choreography and performance: Jiří Lossl, Monika Rebcová, Anka Sedláčková, Karel Vaněk
Concept: Guido Preuss, Lucia Kašiarová
Dramaturgy: Guido Preuss
Soundscape: Karel Vaněk
Costumes: Melanie Riester
Co-production: ALT@RT / Studio ALTA
Supported by: Czech-German Future Fund, Kulturamt Bonn, Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, City of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic
Premiere: 2018


Duration: 55 min.
Place: Kultūros fabrikas (Bangų g. 5A)




Trailer: https://www.facebook.com/studioalta.cz/videos/1825013707569467/   

Czech-Slovak-German dance retro project about the “good old times”.


The Czech choreographer based in Germany Karel Vaněk will look back at the past with his colleagues from Slovakia, Czechia and Germany. At times, they look at the history through rose-colored glasses and search for things that they cannot find in the present day. However, do we have to escape to the past whenever we want to relieve ourselves of the present, or are the “good old times”, which we will remember nostalgically in ten years, going on right now?


Studio ALTA is a multicultural space and a creative hub focused on contemporary dance. Located in four industrial halls with a total area of 1800 sq. m., you will find a theatre, two rehearsal rooms, ateliers, and shared offices. The informal café – also known as the Living Room – became the venue for discussions as well as interdisciplinary and community activities for all generations. The artistic programme of Studio ALTA emphasizes courageous and innovative pieces; pieces that encourage engagement, creativity, sharing, and an open minded and constructive dialogue: the basis of an open and healthy society.



Photo: Michal Hančovský



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