Creative workshop for performing arts’ critics „#scenoskritika“
held by Goda Dapšytė (LT)
For registered participants

Place: Klaipėdos kultūrų komunikacijų centras


Recently, Lithuanian artists (and not only) are increasingly talking about the death of criticism, or at least the state of its deep coma. The cultural press complains about the lack of readers, the readers for the lack of relevant texts, and contemporary creators claim that critics no longer understand them. What measures can the critics of the performing arts take in these times of innovation and social media? Maybe this question is answered by the media themselves? However, would you dare to share critical reflection with your friends not in a professional language, but in a language they understand? To whom do critics really write? Does the critic need a field of specific followers? These and other questions will be addressed at a workshop for performing arts critics called „#scenoskritika“.


Goda Dapšytė (1983) – theatrologist, doctor of the Humanities, performing arts critic for the Youth Magazine „370“. She has published more than two hundred theater and dance reviews, review articles and interviews with creators. G. Dapšytė has also tried her hand in the field of dramaturgy: she has written several plays and, together with Latvian playwright Jānis Balodis and director Walter Silis, has produced the play “Barricades” at the Lithuanian National Drama Theater (2014). Thus, she has experience in both writing and receiving criticism. G. Dapšytė’s scientific and practical research is best defined as freedom of expression. In the field of theater history, she explores the phenomenon of censorship and, in practice, new forms of criticism expression.



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