Dance performance „Vanity of Modern Panic – V.O.M.P“
„Gunilla Lind Danseteater“ (DK)

Choreographer: Gunilla Lind
‏‏Dancers: Marie Bru Eide, Shuli Nordbek, Katrina Holm, Josefine Ibsen, Emma Christophersen
Music: Kristoffer Rosing-Schow
‏‏Stage design: Kirsten Victoria Lind
Producer & PR: Shuli Nordbek
Première: 2017
Co-production: Dansekapellet
Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation, Knud Højgaards Fond, Louis-Hansen Fonden, Spar Nord Fonden, Beckett Fonden, Københavns Kommunes Scenekunstudvalg and Nordic Culture Point.


Duration: 50 min.
Place: Kurhauzo salė (Grafų Tiškevičių alėja 1, Palanga)
N-12 (from 12 years old)







Slimmer, fairer, tighter, stronger…now, now, now…NOW!


The performance „VANITY OF MODERN PANIC - V.O.M.P.“ holds a mirror to our beauty-worshipping society's botox-stiffened face. How far are you willing to go in order to keep your body younger than what is written on your birth certificate?


The performance asks why we are busy focusing so much on being young, healthy and fit that we forget to appreciate old age as a natural and rewarding phase of our lives?  „V.O.M.P.“ illustrates how deep and caught we are in the consumer society. A Society where everybody is obsessed with making the most of it: We we want it ALL and we want it NOW!


Make yourself ready for a silicone pumped dance performance about our hunt for the perfect body. A body proportion twisted comedy about the longing for breasts, thighs and buttocks that would make Kim Kardashian turn pale in jealousy. And a grotesque greeting to the Baroque era's powdered wigs and delicate soap bubbles in a unique mix of modern dance and physical theatre.


Gunilla Lind Dance Theatre is a Copenhagen based dance company. Choreographer Gunilla Lind balances humour and gravity on a knife-edge when she debates current tendencies in our society through her playful performances. With unusual costumes she de-humanizes the performers in order to challenge the way we perceive ourselves and other human beings.


Consistent interests in Gunilla Linds choreographic work are identity projects, body image, gender roles and self-promotion through social media.



Photo & video: Kasper Nybo Photography



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