FESTIVAL OPENING. Dance performance „One. One & One“ „Vertigo Dance Company“ (ISR)

Choreographer: Noa Wertheim
‏Co-choreographer: Rina Wertheim-Koren
Dancers: Etai Peri, Daniel Costa, Jeremy Albereg, Shachar Dolinsky, Micah Amos, Riley Hogg, Helena Olmedo, Korina Fraiman, Sian Olles, Hagar Shachal
Music: Avi Belleli
Musicians: Galia Hai, Oud Eliahu Dagmi (viola and vocals) / Ilai Belleli (vocals)
‏Costume design: Sasson Kedem
‏Stage design: Roy Vatury
Lighting design: Dani Fishof – Magenta
CEO: Adi Sha'al
Company manager: Sandra Brown
Stage & tour manager: Eyal Vizner
Production abroad: Maya Williams
International relations & Vertigo friends: Rachel Grodjinovsky
Director of development: Yohanna Kremer
Première: 2017


Duration: 60 min. 
Place: Klaipėdos dramos teatro Didžioji salė (Teatro g. 2)





* Corner of the critics:


„Wertheim suggests an initial interpretation referring to the wish to be united versus separateness, the struggle between inside and outside, and so on. (...) However focusing solely on this annoyingly vague interpretation may distract our attention from the actual political statement conveyed more forcefully than ever before by Wertheim who perhaps despite her intentions (whether expressing freedom of the creator or the creation) cries out the insoluble pain of the reality of our lives.“ – Tal Levin, Achbar HaIr, 2017.


„The oriental dance is one of the highlights of this performance, seemingly quoting the twists and punctuate movements of the Dabke Arab folk dance. However, towards the finale, a new motif is added as the hands are gently lifted and lowered like wings. (...) The message may be that roots that go deep into the soil, allow for this transcending growth that leads to another place of spirituality and peace. This work of art embraces you, inducing a sense of joy, repose and receptivity.“ - Ruth Eshel, 2017.


„This powerful piece of Wertheim’s conveys a desire for unity in a dangerously fragmenting world, whether that “world” is an exterior landscape or an interior one. Or both.“ – „Struggling to Understand“, 2019.


This new original dance piece by choreographer Noa Wertheim revolves around the individual’s inner wish to be whole whilest being challenged constantly by a fragmented reality within the personal, existential and spiritual realms of ones being. ‏One, One & One reflects both the internal and external worlds whilst paying attention to the echo as reflected from different perspectives the piece develops the metaphoric relationship between far and near and self and the other. (...) This creation, like previous works by choreographer Noa Wertheim, is initiated by one individual artist, and then additional voices are included as part of the creative dialogue place, in which each voice is fundamental as part of the journey to create the whole. The distinctive personal expression of each dancer becomes an integral part of this performance, allowing us to observe each one individually as well as part of the ensemble, which is greater than the sum of its parts. (...)“ – Michael Fischer, Chairman Vertigo Dance Association.


Vertigo Dance Company marks 25 years of unique and inspiring creativity incorporating Art, Human and Nature. Since its foundation in 1992, by Noa Wertheim and Adi Sha‘al the Vertigo Dance Company has established a distinct presence and excellent reputation in the contemporary dance scene in Israel as well as being worldwide ambassadors for Israeli art at its best. In recognition for its significant achievements so far the Vertigo Dance Company was recently recognized as one of Israel‘s major dance companies by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. Constantly seeking to reach out and bring people together through the creative expression of movement Vertigo maintains dance as a way of life further exapnding the boundaries of dance to raise social and environmental awareness and make a difference.



Photo: Rune Abro



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