Performance „Sofa Project“
Marija Baranauskaitė (LT-FR)

Concept & performance: Marija Baranauskaitė
Main collaborators: Mėlyna Sofa (FR), Žalia Sofa (BE), Ruda Sofa, Raudona Sofa, Gelsva Sofa, Rožinė Sofa (LT) Blue Sofa (FR), Green Sofa (BE), Pink Sofa, Brown Sofa, Yellowish Sofa (LT), 24 black Sofas (CAC)
Premier: 2019

Duration: 60 min
Place: Kultūros fabrikas (Bangų g. 5A). N-14





„The Sofa Project“ by Marija Baranauskaitė is a continious international project consisting of the creative labaratories and it‘s presentations publicly and non-publicly all around the world. According to the artist, the audience of this project is non-human: she performs for sofas. One of the main goals of the project is to research how are we as human beings related to sofas? What can we discover about ourselves and others (humans and non-humans) in these relationships? How much consiousness is needed to be an audience member or a performer?


After graduating from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Marija studied clownery at École Philippe Gaulier in France. Always eager to challenge herself, Marija was inspired by contemporary artists who are already making shows for pets or plants and decided to take one little step further while researching audiences without any consiousness at all. 



Photo: Dainius Putinas


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