Premier! Dance performance „Les Affranchies“
„Art Mouv‘ “ (Corsica, FR)

Artistic direction: Hélène Taddei Lawson
Creation et interpretation:  Ahlam El Morsli, Cyrinne Douss, Hélène Taddei Lawson
Sound design: Tommy Lawson
Video: Stéphane Broc
Additional music: Patti Smith
Lights designer: Anouar Benali
Texts: Virginia Woolf
Supported by:  Collectivité de Corse, Ville de Bastia, Spedidam, Air Corsica, Caisse des dépots
Premiere: 2019


Duration: 40 min.
Place: Kultūros fabrikas (Bangų g. 5A)



“Women have sat inside their homes for millions of years, so now the very walls are impregnated with their creative power.” – Virginia Woolf.


Three Mediterranean women dialogue freely through the movement, inspired as much by their personal stories as by figures representative of the feminine. In a role-playing game being able to remind in personalities as Virginia Woolf or Patti Smith, they are successively funny and sarcastic, deep and lucid. Playing with their respective cultural codes, they offer us a jubilant expression of their femininity in a mixture of genres and forms.


In their quest for freedom, they invite us to awaken in each of us the desire to be free and unique, convoking the need to overcome.


Founded in Bastia, Corsica, in 1998 by choreographer Hélène Taddei Lawson and sound designer Tommy Lawson, Art Mouv' affirms a contemporary identity thanks to its collaborations with artists from various backgrounds, in order to cross the arts, practices, sensibilities. Questioning the relationship between the art and the public, Art Mouv' activities range from choreographic creation to more alternative proposals such as multimedia installations, dance videos and in situ creations, presenting diversity of aesthetics and cultures, experimentation and expression.


Each year the company also organizes the festival “Plateforme Danse“ in Bastia, creating links between artists and citizens and encouraging international exchanges.






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